At the beginning was the cut


Above all, before talking about hairdressing and, especially, styling, let's discuss the use of scissors!

Originally from Russia, Elina was confronted since the beginning with the intricacies and refinements required by a Russian clientele known for having the most silky and rare hair in the world. Be aware that in the land of the Tsars, hair is considered as a precious “sculpting material”.

With this ambitious approach to the profession, Elina quickly demonstrated masterful skill and dexterity and today, she expects no less from her hairdressers to succeed in BY ELINA with neat, but always lively, flexible and clear cuts.


Better to trust appearances


Changing haircuts can turn a terrible day into a fabulous one!

For you ladies, as for these gentlemen, well-being and self-confidence require a cohesive, fair and successful haircut.

Square, oval, round or heart faces? At BY ELINA, the morphologies are unique and the styles of cuts are tailored to take into account your hair texture.


Quite simply


Undoubtedly, a good haircut will always be easy to style and maintain.

If you spend too much time styling or redoing your hair, it's because your haircut is initially defective and it's time to pay a visit at the BY ELINA salon!

Afterwards, you will find out how easy and natural it is to replace your hair. In addition to being gorgeous, your cut (and hairstyle) will be convenient (daily styling) and suitable.

Trendy bob, sexy half-length, straight fringe or boy cut....

Mid-length gradient, tapered cut or asymmetric hair?

At BY ELINA the variations tend to be infinite.